Risin into Fall: Girls Tennis

Hailey Fine, Sports Editor

Girls tennis is getting a fresh start with new head coach Leanne Baker and almost an entirely new varsity team. 

Although this may pose a challenge, the girls have been working all summer in order to hone skills that need to be improved..

“I’ve been going on runs and doing sprints to get my cardio up. I also have been going to different tennis camps,” sophomore Lucinda Lindland said.

Lindland will continue to focus on her cardio as she and the other girls look to qualify for state this year. 

“Last season, I didn’t make it to state so that is definitely one of my main goals,” Lindland said. “Another goal I have for my team is to be able to bond quickly and easily, since it’s going to be almost a whole new team.”

Along with the change in the roster, the girls are hoping to make a strong connection with coach Baker who previously coached the freshmen team..

“I’m looking forward to having coach Baker as our new coach, but I will miss having coach Joyce since she was my coach the past 3 years,” senior Sophia Demopolas said. “It’s nice to know, though, that coach Baker has been a part of the ETHS tennis program.”

Their first match will take place on Monday Aug. 26 at ETHS.