Boys Basketball Faces Off Against New Trier Tonight

Hailey Fine, Assistant editor

After a hard earned win against Notre Dame, boys basketball will be facing off against their long time rival New Trier. The pressure is on, but the kits have been preparing for this game.

“We’ve been going really hard in practice and watching a lot of film,” junior Blake Peters said. “A lot of us are friends with some of the players on New Trier, so we’re already pretty familiar with how they’re going to play.” 

Through watching film of the Trevians, the team has been able to study their weaknesses and strengths in order to combat whatever they bring to the court.

“They play really well collectively, so it’s going to be important for us to play great team defense,” Peters said.

A strong defense will be essential considering the Trevians three-point shooting is a vital part of their offense.

“We need to play tough on ball defense and making long close outs, forcing them to their weak hand,” Peters said.

On the other end of the court, the Kits are planning to use their speed to their advantage.

“We’re going to play fast and run ‘em out the gym,” senior Devaughn Bell said.

Evanston’s five guard lineup makes speed a crucial part of their offense, and that won’t be any different tonight.

The Kits may have a disadvantage when it comes to height but that won’t stop them from playing at their very best. 

Besides preparing physically, Peters along with his teammates have been preparing mentally as well.

“I try to minimize distractions, especially on game day,” Peters said. “I’ve been turning my phone off recently on game day, so I can lock in.”

ETHS will tip-off with New Trier tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Beardsley, the second game of the New Trier double-header.