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Kamau Ransom

May 12, 2022

Wide receiver Kamau Ransom knew he belonged at University of Indianapolis because of one value the institution prioritized that he didn’t see anywhere else: community. For student athletes, the recruiting process can feel like one long, stressful transaction, but Ransom describes the unique and supportive recruitment approach of University of Indianapolis. 

“With college sports, a lot of the coaches [treat recruitment] like a business thing [as opposed to] a family thing or a togetherness thing,” Ransom explains. “[The coaching staff at] University of Indianapolis were transparent—they talked to my family, they talked to my sisters. They asked how I was doing, [and] they barely talked about football. It [felt] more like a family.”

Ransom remembers how representatives from University of Indianapolis would visit his house nearly every week during the recruiting process. The school’s tenacity and integrity during recruitment is emblematic of Ransom’s discipline and persistence on the field. Freshman year, Ransom was placed on the freshman football team, and his primary positions were defensive end and outside linebacker. One of the varsity coaches at the time, Ryan Healy, expressed that he wanted Ransom to play as a wide receiver on varsity the next year. According to Ransom, this was the defining moment that inspired him to strive for success in football.

“I stayed at the fields, and I got quicker [and] I got better at my routes. I just fell in love with my craft, and I sharpened it every day,” Ransom shares. “I was probably at the field by myself, lights off, just like [in the] cold for like three, four or five hours a day, probably six days a week just working by myself.” 

Ransom intends to major in journalism and pursue a career as a sports journalist. 

“I want to give my opinion all the time, whether it’s a podcast or paper or a show. I’m doing [journalism], because I need people to hear what I’m saying.”

One thing is sure about Ransom: when he sets his eye on something, he doesn’t stop until he gets it. Whether it’s under the field lights or the fluorescent lights of a newspaper room, you can expect Ransom to shine.

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