Skating to success

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

With two competition wins under their belt, the Evanston figure skating’s A-Team allows Evanston skaters to push their skills to the limit. The team only competes in four Illinois competitions during their four-month season, so they must aim for exceptional performance in all 12 skills at each contest. Long breaks in between competitions, which run from January until April, allow for teams to alter mechanics, and craft out skill other teams further. 

Practicing and improving difficult maneuvers in skating, they must perform skills such as a double axel and a spin with a minimum of eight revolutions. During practices, the team must pay tedious attention to changing landing feet after jumps. 

Although the Evanston team is determined to perform well in competitions, junior Catie Glascott, who has been on the ice for thirteen years, illustrates how the team allows her to take a well-deserved break from individual competitions. 

“For high school competitions, we’re all out there at the same time and we’re able to talk to each other and have fun while we’re competing,” explained Glasscot, “That’s the only reason why I’m skating; I’m not trying to make it to the Olympics, I just do it for fun. I think the high school team helps me realize that this is supposed to be fun.”

In comparison to regional competitions Glasscot has competed in, team competitions are more casual and allow for skaters to personally connect. Most recently, the A -team placed first in their President’s Day competition at Park Ridge, and is looking for their final to competitions on March 15th in Oak Lawn, and on April 25th at Robert Crown. Overall, the Evanston figure skating team is expecting an excellent season.