Senior heavy cheer squad shows tremendous improvement in routines

Lena Papa, Staff Writer

With the cheer season wrapping up, the squads improvement is evident. The team is composed of mostly seniors, and their level of experience shows on the score sheet as they have consistently gotten better.

“Our skill-set has improved significantly. The team has increased the difficulty of their routines and have graduated to higher rubric categories in stunts and tumbling,” coach Crystal Malone said.

The increase in difficulty can be attributed to the team’s trust and love for each other. The team’s connection is obvious in practices and competitions.

“We have had a lot of hard, long practices this season, and we’ve all been struggling together. Sometimes it’s hard to focus, because we’re all so close and don’t stop laughing,” senior Mia Testa said.

The close friendships within the team have helped the squad act as one during competitions. By developing trust in various activities, they look more in sync throughout their routines.

“I constantly drill home that cheerleading is a team sport, so we have to work together. We are scored on individual skill, so everyone has to look the same. We also do team bonding activities like sleepovers, team dinners, etc.,” coach Malone said.

This kind of mindset is what has made it possible for the squad to work together in order to increase the difficulty level in their routines. While most of the team is graduating, the girls have high hopes for the improvement that will be made in upcoming seasons.