Fully healthy girl’s basketball has their eyes on state

Hailey Fine, Assistant Sports Editor

With a 18-2 record, the girls basketball team confidently anticipates going down state to win the state title. 

“Our team has so much potential to win state, and we’re all on the same page with that goal,” senior Tyler Mayne said.

Mayne started playing for the team halfway through the season because of a sickness, and the wait only made her more motivated to kill it on the court.

“It feels great being back out there. Even though I have to get used to playing in games instead of just practicing, my teammates and coaches make that transition so much smoother and comfortable for me,” Mayne said.

Along with supporting Mayne, the team is very supportive of one another. The girls are unified, and it shows on the court— a key strength for preparing for state. 

“To prepare for state, we are constantly pushing each other in practice, we stay on each other and make sure we are doing everything we need to do,” senior Ambrea Gentle said. 

The teamwork seen on the court during the games doesn’t come from nowhere. The girls have been working very hard to create a cohesive team every practice this season.

“We are definitely trying to push each other to become better players and teammates,” Mayne said. “When we see someone getting down on themselves, it’s our job to help that person find their confidence again and brush that mistake off.”

The Kits will face Glenbrook South tonight at 7 pm in Beardsley Gym.