Fallin’ into season: Field Hockey

Jonah Charlton and Chris Werner


     With girls field hockey set to enter its third season as an ETHS sport, the team is striving to continue to improve and build the program.

       “We get the best and worst of any start up: Everything is fresh. It’s a clean slate. We get to write the book,” coach Sarah Thurber explained. “Then again, we also have to start from scratch and write the book.”

Field hockey at ETHS was started in 2016 by then juniors and now recent graduates,  then juniors Marnie O’Malley, Aubrey O’Neil and Sarah Skidmore as a way to stay in shape during their lacrosse offseason.

“They thought that they should do a field sport in the fall instead of cross country to help them practice during the off-season,” senior captain Becca Miller said.

Although the team didn’t perform all that well in the first years, now that the sport has been around for a little longer, they expect there will be a big improvement this season.

“The junior varsity team excelled last year more than we had the year before,”,” Miller said. “There were freshman that came in that knew the sport better and we’d had players who mostly had never played before.”r than those we’ve had before.”

The team will take on Latin School at home at Lakeside Field at Northwestern tomorrow at 6:15 in their third game of the season.