Fallin’ into season: Boys Golf

Eli Cohen, Staff Writer

The golf team may not get as much buzz or publicity as other sports at ETHS, but the squad’s depth, drive and mental toughness should help the team keep improving.

“We have a little deeper group I think than we’ve had [in previous years] in terms of more players that have the ability to play well,” coach Jed Curtis explained.

Despite seven members of last years team team graduating, Curtis believes the returning juniors and seniors can fill the gap, particularly eying seniors Tommy Barbato, Leo Lynk and Henry Goodman who look to build off their stellar seasons last year.

All three were strong contributors last year from the start. In Sept., Lynk had an astoundingly low score of 78, and after that, the juniors kept on going.

“Anybody can make a birdie or a good shot here and there, but it is really about narrowing your misses and minimizing hitting yourself into trouble” Curtis said.

While all golfers attempt to master their swing, Curtis also wants his players to focus on the psychological and mental aspects of golf.

Senior Tommy Barbato has adopted his coach’s mindset with hopes that it will aid him in getting to state, an accomplishment he was three shots away from last year.

“If I can just remember that 18 holes is such a long time and process, you’re never really out of it,” Barbato said.