Kit Chat Episode 7: The Power of Storytelling with The Evanstonian’s Jojo Wertheimer and Foster Ellen


Nora Miller and Zachary Bahar

In this episode of Kit Chat, hosts Zachary Bahar and Nora Miller (Executive Editors of The Evanstonian) are joined by Evanstonian Arts and Entertainment Editor Jojo Wertheimer and staff writer Foster Ellen to discuss two feature stories from conception to publication

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  • 4:15 – Jojo Wertheimer on sexism in the classroom
  • 13:51 – Foster Ellen on the history of Actors Gymnasium


January 25 Issue (The Evanstonian)

From one circus family to another (The Evanstonian)

Girls face misogyny in class and out of the classroom (The Evanstonian)

Produced by John Phillips. Edited by Nora Miller. 

Intro music courtesy ETHS Marching Band; outro music by Dr. Kamasi Hill and CJ Singletary.