Opinion | Brunching in Evanston: the divine right of humankind

Opinion | Brunching in Evanston: the divine right of humankind

Leah Johnson, Staff Writer

Some scientists believe the final trial mankind must face in order to be qualified as a highly advanced society is harnessing the power of the sun. I, however, argue that we have already crossed it with the divine invention of brunch. 

Brunching is the god-given, inalienable right of all human beings to wake up whenever they so feel like it and still be rewarded with the breakfast dish of their choosing. Without brunching, nobody would ever fully enjoy breakfast. Personally, I’ve never been amused by an omelet or a banana-nutella crepe before the hour of 11 a.m., because I’m too delirious with sleep deprivation to know what’s good for me. Breakfast has never not been ruined for me by the fact that it’s the first thing in the morning. With brunch, this problem is solved by design. 

So, where in Evanston can one go to indulge this luxury? I’ll provide you with this little handbook, from your most wise and seasoned bruncher. 

If your social circle is the uninspired, childish kind and therefore does not enjoy brunch as much as you, I’ll first recommend that you do something about that sooner rather than later. However, to provide a band-aid solution, Patisserie Coralie on the corner of Chicago and Davis is the perfect solo-brunch spot. It’s basically just a coffee shop, making it quick and convenient, but it actually has good food. It’s not necessarily a full brunch experience, but it’s a lovely little excursion to treat yourself to. The shop itself is adorable, and if you’re forced to brunch alone, you can make a storyline out of it, even bringing an arcane classic book and pretending to be mysterious. I’d recommend their lavender macaroons and hot cocoa.

Once you finally find new friends and are ready for a more social brunch, Honeybear on Clark is a must. Unfortunately, it’s in Andersonville, not Evanston, but the mini complimentary cakes they give you are worth the trek. Honeybear has great atmosphere (it’s a wee bit millennial chic but you’ll survive) and delicious entrees, especially if you have a sweet tooth. It’s a great place to go and psychoanalyze everyone in your life super loudly. My favorite is the Sugar and Spice Waffle Sandwich. 

If you’re looking for a calmer brunch, or perhaps your aunt is in town, Lucky Platter is the place for you. Located on Main, Lucky Platter is the quintessential Evanston brunch. It has plenty of personality, good food, and it’s even attached to a little bakery so you can pick something up on your way out. The menu is just classic breakfast, no gimmicks. It’s the kind of place where you spend way too much time talking after you’ve paid your bill. I feel like you could definitely have a philosophical discussion with your great uncle that leads to your debut novel at Lucky Platter. 

Finally, I must mention my personal favorite brunch of all time; Frida’s on Church Street. This is me and my mom’s go-to, and we’re talking about me and the woman who taught me how to brunch. Frida’s has an incredible menu, including house-made juice and a plethora of crepes. Their Country Breakfast is also amazing. We often sit in their outdoor seating during the summer or take it to go and have a brunch picnic by the lake. The possibilities are truly endless. Personally, I’ve had epiphanies (plural) about the birth and death of the wide universe over many Frida’s crepes. 

In short, with so many options, brunching in Evanston is a walk in the park. We must, as a society, make good use of this, and start prioritizing beautiful and delicious brunches in our own lives. Whether alone, with friends or with family, brunching is a gift we all deserve to share, and it truly does make the world go round.