Too JUUL for school

Students underestimate the effects of JUUL-ing, the new smoking trend that is sweeping ETHS

A JUUL is the hottest version of an e-cigarette, which is a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled. The JUUL, however, is shaped like a flash drive The JUUL is advertised as “an intensely satisfying closed-system vapor experience”, and has also been referenced as the “iPhone of E-cigs”, according to Men’s Fitness. Clearly, this product has hit the market hot.

There are two main problems with these products: they are extremely unhealthy and expensive. If you check the JUUL website, you’ll notice that these products are clearly advertised toward young people. From the fun hashtag #JUULvapor to the website’s colorful layout, these smoke devices appear harmless, especially to a young person. Even more, the product comes in various flavors, such as mango, Virginia tobacco, cool mint, fruit medley, and creme brulee. Have you ever heard of a teenager resisting food? We didn’t think so.

What we need to focus on here are the tremendous health effects of these devices. Each JUULpod is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes, or 200 puffs. From all the anti- cigarette campaigns, we shouldn’t have to tell you that smoking is not good for your health. So, while smoking creme brulee- flavored vapor sounds harmless, students must know that while JUULs do not have the same associated stigma as other nicotine devices, they are actually much more harmful.

Because of the size and ease of these devices, (just charge the device and load up the pod), students who own JUULs utilize them much more often, and in much more public locations, than their cigarette counterpart. Unlike a regular cigarette, users can take a hit without finishing the entire thing, since they don’t have to be lit. It is not uncommon to catch a student smoking in class, the hallway, or right outside of the school. Yes, they are easy to hide from authority figures and may give you an edge in class, but we must remember that in Evanston, JUULs, just like any tobacco products, are illegal for those under age 21 and always illegal in school.

In addition to these extreme health concerns, this product is also quite expensive. The device itself cost $35, and then it’s an extra $16 for four pods. Imagine, if students smoke one of these pods over 1-2 days, they’re paying around $64 a month to maintain a constant supply.

We at the Evanstonian believe students must be aware of these serious concerns related to Juuls, and should strive to kick the habit. If you can’t stop entirely, at least respect school policies by refraining from smoking on school grounds. Remember, just because something is trendy or because you can get away with it, does not mean it is a good idea.