Trump puts us at risk

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Colmnist

Dump Trump.

If we keep giving Trump free passes and treat him as a joke, this country will be in real danger.

Trump is not a “normal” candidate. He is an extremist who puts the majority of Americans in danger in ways no presidential candidate has before. We cannot normalize him. Showing his personality overshadows all the harm he could do as president.

Trump is not charming or endearing. Recently, Jimmy Fallon was under fire, and rightly so, after hosting Trump on The Tonight Show. Fallon joked around with Trump, ruffling his hair and making him seem harmless.

Trump’s growing support is dangerous for every American except for straight white men. If you let people see Trump as a guy with normal human characteristics rather than a corrupt businessman who endangers the safety of millions, you’re enabling him.

We can’t distract from the fact that he will do actual harm to millions of people. If you don’t think that Trump will affect you or your friends and family negatively, then you need to check your privilege. I can prove it to you:

Trump wants to deport every Muslim person in the country. He wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Trump said that women who get abortions should be punished. He apologized for the last one, but he acts and speaks on impulse, and there must be truth in the things he says.

Trump is racist, xenophobic and doesn’t care about personal struggles. If you look around the school and cannot understand that Trump will hurt you or your peers, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

We also have to stop giving Trump free passes and holding him to an absurdly low standard. While Hillary Clinton is criticized for everything she does and is deemed “untrustworthy,” Trump is praised for holding his tongue for once or mustering up an insincere apology for some problematic statement he made.

And he could win—the polls are pretty close. Take action in any way you can. If you can vote, do it. Hillary is the best chance we have at stopping Trump. And if you can’t vote, don’t sit back. Educate people, get involved, canvas for Hillary, do anything else to show people how dangerous Trump would be as president.