ETHS commemorates, celebrates Women’s History Month


This is the theme for Women’s History Month, March 2022 as designated by the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA), and the words spoken by District 202 school board member Stephanie Teterycz as she introduced a motion to proclaim March of 2022 as Women’s History Month at ETHS. 

“The 2022 women’s history theme, ‘Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,’ is both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history,” said Teterycz, reading from NWHA’s official statement.

Teachers and administrators at ETHS also recognize the importance of celebrating Women’s History Month. 

“I think the purpose of having a month designated for something is to highlight the contributions of people in our society, who, unfortunately, may get lost in the telling of a story and the telling of a history,” added Nicole Parker, the History and Social Science department chair.

Additionally, the pandemic, amongst other occurrences in the past couple of years (both inside and outside of the Evanston community), has made the recognition of heroic women around the world all the more important.

“We are reminded of the importance of healers and of caregivers, who are helping to promote and sustain hope for the future,” read Teterycz. “Communities all around the world are encouraged to honor local women who bring and have historically brought these priceless gifts to their families, workplaces and neighborhoods, sometimes at great sacrifice.”

Looking forward, ETHS hopes to continue to emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating women’s history. Parker explained how this can be done in a classroom. 

“My hope is that [teachers] are telling a more complete story. This means that we’re sharing the perspectives and the experiences of more than just one group. Typically, when you look at history, it tends to be from the male perspective. So my hope is that we are broadening that storytelling to include the experiences and perspectives of women,” Parker noted.

Towards the end of the statement, before a unanimous vote to recognize Women’s History Month at ETHS, Teterycz read,“The 2022 theme proudly honors those who, both in public and private life, provide healing and promote hope for the betterment of all.”