Evanston bids a fond farewell: Tracy Autry


Sam Calian, News Editor

15. That’s the number of courses Tracy Autry has taught during her 33-year-long career at ETHS.

Autry began her career in the CTE department in 1984. Since then, she’s gone on to teach a wide array of classes, including culinary, cosmetology, child development, introduction to education, and others.

Since she knows the department so well, she’s seen classes leave and resurface a few times.

In addition, Autry has observed how this building and classrooms have changed over the past three decades.

“The most noticeable change I’ve seen over the years is the incorporation of technology in the classroom,” said Autry. “Now every single class has to incorporate technology of some sort.”

Autry will take her experience, talents, and knowledge down to North Carolina with her mother, where she owns a 90-acre vegetable farm that she plans to run for many years to come.

Autry also hopes to spend her extra time traveling. She plans to visit Africa and Asia in the upcoming years.

While she is excited to move onto the next chapter, she will look back fondly on her years at ETHS.

“I will miss the children in the day care and their willingness and excitement to always learn,” Autry said. “The best advice I can give to future students is to take advantage of all the wonderful programs here in the building.”