Pilot scrapped for digital platform

Pilot scrapped for digital platform

Going back to school big change for all students, but this year updating the school-wide Pilot system adds one more check to the list.

In past years the ETHS pilot has been a convenient way to log homework and lookup the bell schedules.

“I used my Pilot to find out the location of the study centers and check dates of school events,” said Hunter Wortmann, senior.

The Pilot has now been moved to be an online resource.

“Digital is smarter for ETHS,” said  Principal Campbell. “It helps to have it all online because as soon as we print the pilot it is out of date.”

The online Pilot will also benefit the environment. Switching to an online format will save ETHS 1.2 million pages of printing annually.

Instead of writing down homework in the Pilot, students will transition to using Google Calendar for all assignments. Administrators hope students will take advantage of the sharable Google Calendar and let their parents in the loop for due dates.

“We are trying to make sure that all school activities are on the Google Calendar,” said Campbell.

“I’m not great with technology and don’t want to have my phone out all the time in class. I’ll buy my own planner this year,” said  Shirine Marzouki, Junior.

“The goal is that we will only have one year of this transition,” said Campbell. “We hope next year to be able to distribute the chromebooks we already have to the senior class so everyone is in the program.”