True EPD Stories


“There was a house on Lake Street that had a dummy dressed up like a workman hanging from the roof,” says Cmdr. Joe Dugan. “One of our officers fell for it and called it out over the radio that the person needed help. When he ran up and realized it was a prank he had to tell everyone over the police radio that he had been fooled.”

“The last time I worked on Halloween kids egged a lot of the squad cars. Some were on Howard and a lot were on Church and Dodge. It was pretty much citywide,” says Ofc. Michael Cameron. “It happened around 8 p.m. when it was pitch black. After that, we started going to different stores on Oct. 29 to tell them not to sell any eggs until after Halloween.”

“We were parked over by the Ecology Center and it was probably 1 a.m. I looked through the windshield, and I thought I saw a spider as big as my head,” says Det. Clara Just. “I couldn’t say anything! I quickly opened the door and fell out of the car, and my partner said there was never a spider there. It must have been the shadows from all the trees and the moonlight!”