When do we want it? Now!

Isaac Suarez Flint, Tanya Weismann, Staff Writers

As seasons change, the need for climate action persists.

On Sep. 23, 2022, Evanston’s Sunrise Hub participated in a Climate Strike in Downtown Chicago. Six months later, on March 3, the Hub returned to the Chase Bank building to protest the corporation’s funding of fossil fuels. Chase Bank is the world’s largest funder of the fossil fuel industry.

“Youth advocacy isn’t important because youth are underrepresented in activism per se; youth advocacy is important because we are underrepresented in the processes that take place closer to power, the conversations that result in policy, the closed rooms in which action plans are made,” said Emmet Ebels-Duggan, E-Town Sunrise Hub Coordinator. “We’re unable to access the levers of power at this level and instead must be in the streets to get the ear of those with influence. By taking our fight directly to the closed doors of the Chase building on a chilly, blustery day, we demonstrated that we’re committed to be as close as we can to those inaccessible levers of power.”