What’s next for the K(C)ates

There are so many different Kates, Cats and Caitlin’s in this year’s senior class, and with them all reaching the end of their time at ETHS, a few of the similarly named students shared what’s next.

Katherine Casas

Future kindergarten teacher Katherine “Kat” Casas shares that one of the things she admires most about Evanston is how school-oriented it is. Once she entered high school, Casas immediately noticed how connected everyone was through their elementary and middle school years. 

Casas has hopes of building new connections as she continues her education at Loyola University of Chicago while majoring in Early Childhood Education and fulfilling her dreams of becoming a teacher. 

As she leaves Evanston and enters a new stage of her life, Casas will miss being surrounded by the people she grew up alongside more than anything else. She is proud to say what a memorable high school experience ETHS provided.

My years at ETHS were pretty eye-opening for my personal growth, experimenting with style and developing friendships,” Casas says.

As a freshman, Casas never quite believed others when they would tell her to “enjoy your high school years because they go by in the blink of an eye.” Now, as her final weeks of senior year wrap up, she finally understands. Casas’ biggest piece of advice for underclassmen would be to take advantage of your high school years and make the most of every situation.

Caitlin Glascott

“My favorite thing about Evanston is that there is a place for everybody. No matter who you are or where you came from, there is something for everyone,” Caitlin Glascott says.

With over 70 various clubs and sports, ETHS allows an outlet for every student, no matter what their interests may be.

Since the age of four, Glascott has occupied her time through competitive ice skating, a passion that she plans to continue in college at Michigan State University. 

At MSU, Glascott was accepted into the honors college and was offered a stipend to study abroad, as well as a professorial assistantship. In the professorial assistantship, she will be researching under a professor for the first two years of college. 

Aside from her involvement as an ice skater, Glascott was also a member of Student Ambassadors, a club that allowed her to share her love for the school with incoming freshmen. 

As she recounts her past ETHS experiences, Glascott can vouch for what an amazing

community the school provides.

“My favorite memory at ETHS was my AP block class junior year. I made friends in that class that I can see myself being friends with for a very long time. They are amazing people and are so genuine,” Glascott says. “I also loved my teacher, Mr. Cardis. He is hilarious and a great teacher. That class was the highlight of my day every day.”

Kathleen Krasinski

Kathleen “Kate” Krasinksi can say, without a doubt, that her high school experience was one she will hold onto forever. 

“I met some of my closest friends there, and always felt very supported and valued in all of my classes,” Krasinski says. “That being said, it’s been a really long year, so I’m a bit burnt out. I’m excited to move on, but also nostalgic about leaving.”

Krasinksi occupied her time with fencing and running cross country. There, she was able to get good exercise on a daily basis while meeting amazing people. 

For college, Krasinksi is off to California State University Monterey Bay, a school that caught her eye because of the size, location, general atmosphere and—mostly—it has her major, environmental studies. 

“I thought this major was unique, and it was something I had never considered until that moment,” Krasinski shares. “Environmental studies is a combination of environmental science and social sciences with aspects of psychology and sociology woven in through the curriculum.”

Like many others, Krasinksi feels very lucky to have grown up in Evanston and the town as a whole will always hold a special place in her heart.

I love the lakefront, all of the friends I have here, and that I have always felt pretty safe. I like that it’s so close to Chicago, and we have a lot of opportunities that not everyone gets.” 

Catherine Motogawa

Through her involvement in soccer, student athletic training, student tutoring and the project management team for the Geometry in Construction class, Catherine “Cat” Motogawa truly did take advantage of the various opportunities at ETHS.

“I really enjoyed it all, and each activity allowed me to make a difference inside and outside of school,” Motogawa says. “I was also able to directly see my impact on others.”

With a variety of parks, restaurants, and beaches, Motogawa describes what an ideal place Evanston was to grow up in. 

Despite being somewhat sad that a chapter of her life is coming to a close, Motogawa shares that she is mostly excited to take this next step after learning online for the majority of her senior year.

Motogawa has committed to Louisiana State University and plans to major in biochemistry with pre-med advising. One of the main factors that influenced her decision to attend LSU in the fall is the quality pre-med program and medical school it offers.