The next four: graduating twins decide to attend same colleges

Owen and Miles Daley

For seniors Owen and Miles Daley, the choice to attend the same college was not as much planned as it was a coincidence. Despite their similar interests, the Daley twins did not discuss applying to the same colleges prior to comparing lists and realizing that they were interested in a lot of the same

“We didn’t decide to attend the same college when we started our process, but as we got more into it we realized that we were both looking at the same schools [and] we both want to study math,” Owen explains.

At ETHS, Miles and Owen are also involved in some of the same clubs. They are co-presidents of Youth Technology Corp.

“I’m also a co-president of Youth Technology Corp, so basically we set up refurbished computers and put them back into the community,” Miles says.

They are looking forward to a summer opportunity that allows them to continue exploring technology, robotics, and math.

“We actually have a summer program that we’re going to be doing, teaching underserved youth how to refurbish computers,” Owen explains.

In the fall, Miles and Owen will be attending the University of Vermont. There, they plan on becoming roommates and majoring in math.

“We’re planning on [being roommates]. We talked about it, but it depends on what room we get assigned to,” Miles explains. “I’m planning on majoring in math. I’m also interested in data science and French.”

“I also want to study math [and] I’m considering minoring in German. I’d also like to study abroad,” Owen says.

Thinking towards the fall, Owen and Miles are each looking forward to different aspects
of life in Vermont.

“It’s a familiar place because I have family [there]. I feel I’ll enjoy myself,” Miles says.

“The views are beautiful and I love the mountains. I also haven’t gone skiing before, so that’s something I’m looking forward to trying,” Owen explains.

Helen and Hazel Lietz

Senior twins Hazel and Helen Lietz had no intention of attending the same college.

Although the two fell in love with University of Wisconsin at Madison, they plan to keep a distance from one another.

“For us, actually attending the same college was a con. It was a big deciding factor,” says Hazel. “We both really enjoyed Madison, Wis., [and] it worked logistically in a lot of ways distance-wise. Both of us decided we were not going to hold each other back from going to the same school just because we don’t want to deal with each other, but Madison is so big that it still makes sense.”

During their time at ETHS, Hazel and Helen focused on separate studies although they both participated in ETHS band. Helen enjoys math and is hoping to major in mathematics with a minor in music. Hazel is focused on the sciences while hoping to major in biology with a minor in German.

“It was just a really great fit for both of us and it just happened to be the same school,”
explains Helen. “I think we really just need some distance after high school. We are interested in different majors so we won’t really be that involved with one another.”

Although the two don’t plan on being roommates, they find comfort in having a built-in best friend.

“You definitely don’t ever feel alone when you’re a twin,’’ Helen says. “It’s sort of like a security net because I always have a friend and someone to talk to even if I feel alone.”

While thinking about their next four years in, both Helen and Hazel have found enjoyment in their school.

“Madison also has a bunch of really cool labs which is exciting as a biology major,” Hazel says. “Due to the pandemic I haven’t been able to do any in-person labs so being able to step into that will be very exciting.”

“I’m really excited because I just love the vibe of Madison as a city and how political it is because it’s the capital,” says Helen. “I think that it really fits well with me.”