ETHS prioritizes remote mental health supports

Ingrid Halverson, Staff Writer

Starting off the 2020-2021 school year, not only will ETHS courses be online, but resources such as social workers and mental health facilities will also be turned to an online outreach program. 

Throughout the end of the 2019-20 school year, ETHS’s attendance google form included a questionnaire form asking students if they needed to see a social worker. ETHS sent out the Google Form via email to each student to ensure that they were actively participating in classes throughout that particular day.

 “I really don’t think that [students] utilized the form,” says Junior Matt Agnew. “However, I think that the school should continue to reach out with sending emails and students will feel more comfortable talking with the social workers.”

Creating an inclusive way for all students to feel comfortable reaching out to social workers during the 2020-21 school year will be nearly impossible. Students have different personal preferences when reaching out to social workers, whether it be in person, over email, or other methods of communication, making it an ambitious task to meet all students’ needs this school year. 

“I feel like people won’t use the mental health services very much this year,” says sophomore Gillian Aaronson. “It’s hard to talk about how you are feeling over zoom or online. I just feel like it’s much more comfortable in person.”

Although online counseling may be challenging, students at ETHS feel that the social workers and mental health facilities at ETHS are welcoming and supportive of them.

 “I remember it being a very easy experience,” says junior Serena Brown. “I was sitting in class one day and I was thinking about seeing one of the counselors so I just looked it up and I got in touch with one of them and met with them.”

Not only does Brown feel that social workers have helped her, but she feels that many of her peers have also had a positive experience. 

“Everyone who has said that they’ve had a great experience, it has been very welcoming and there has been no hassle.”

As students become more comfortable interacting online, ETHS intends to maintain its focus on students’ mental health. 

“I think the best possible way for social workers to handle this is to just consistently reach out to those who they know need it,” says junior Maya Hlava. “They should even send out an email to the whole school just letting everyone know that they are there to talk to the students.

Due to the coronavirus, ETHS is learning and improving their mental health services as we make it through this school year.