LGBTQ+ Summit, March 11, 2020

Eden Drajpuch, Feature Editor

“My experience at the Summit was definitely something I could never recreate. This was my first Summit ever and I had a blast. I went as an ally and one of the workshops I was in was for allies. I have a lot of people that are a part of the community around me so I was able to educate others as well as hear different perspectives. I now just wish I went as a freshman and sophomore.” – junior Macy Aiken

“My experience at the Summit this year was amazing. It is a day that celebrates our identities and creates a safe space for everyone in the community. We are incredibly lucky to have a Summit like this that celebrates who we are and creates acceptance. Many of the speakers present talked about how they would have loved to have an experience like this when they were younger to tell them that they were not alone. I was so happy to see the number of people that showed up, it proves how important our community is. The workshops were also incredible and the amount of topics available is so astounding to me. Truly a very beautiful event that should definitely continue.” – sophomore Felipe Arreguin

“It was definitely interesting, just because I hung out with a bunch of theatre kids during it, and so it was really chaotic. but I think that the part that was most impactful for me was the opening speaker, just because he seemed like an amazing person and then, when the day was over, I checked his instagram, and he had posted about us. I don’t know, it just kind of hit me that we have an impact, and that, even if Evanston isn’t always there for LGBTQ+ kids, we can be there for each other, that we can and already have, in some ways make the world a better place for kids who we identify with but who have had less positive and supportive experiences.” – junior Hannah Bambic 

“At the Summit I got to experience so many things that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to. I’m extremely thankful for ETHS to have held the summit.  The fact that ETHS even held this Summit it’s extremely validating.” –freshman Simone Casas

“My experience at the Summit was very eye opening. I enjoyed seeing people who were like me and people who were not. It was great meeting in the middle of it all and acknowledging that being who you are is always the way to go. That is the most meaningful! I loved the Summit. Definitely going back!!” – sophomore Chandlyr Davis

“I had a really great experience. The day was filled with nothing but love, and an awesome last day before this quarantine.” – junior Noam Hasak-Lowy

“I enjoyed the Summit because it was filled with love and positive energy.” –  sophomore Jeanelle Jones

“I really enjoyed the diversity of people and different orientations. It was really great seeing people I could relate to. And I especially loved trying out my chosen name!” –  sophomore Gavin Kramer

“My experience at the Summit was awesome because I got to meet so many new people who I didn’t know were in the LGBTQ community and I got to share my story with others and felt like I had people who could understand what [I] was going through. I absolutely loved the summit and I think what I found most meaningful was all the people I met and how I know now that I’m not alone and have many people who accept and support me and my gender identity and my sexual orientation.” – freshman Katharine Struve