A glimpse into the daily routines of The Evanstonian seniors

Noah Kayaian, Staff Writer

Benjamin Baker-Katz, more commonly known as BK, starts his day with either some toast or a sandwich depending on how much time he has in the morning. He also loves to munch on some snacks when he gets home from school everyday — maybe even have his favorite dinner, which is the Timpano from Panino’s (shoutout Panino’s). During his lunch periods, he loves to take naps. Next year, BK will be at Rice University in Houston, Texas, so the next time you find yourself at AstroWorld, you should pay him a visit.

Leah Brieva is a member of the Photo and Art team at The Evanstonian. She chooses to skip breakfast most mornings but always enjoys hanging out in Mr.Winchester’s class during fourth period lunch. Right when she gets home, before anything, she drops her bag off and picks up her pet bunny to play with. After college, Leah is attending the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Jonah Charlton is the Executive Editor of A&E and Sports. Jonah will be attending the University of Pennsylvania for the upcoming school year. Jonah decides to skip breakfast every morning but still enjoys some salmon with dill mango salsa from time to time. After school, Jonah tries to take a quick shower before starting his homework. He’s often very busy and is working hard and he didn’t say if he has a daily highlight.

Tyler Francis is a photographer for The Evanstonian. Tyler likes to start his day off with a classic bowl of cereal before heading to school. His day is highlighted by playing with his dog and pet rabbit. After school, he enjoys working on some drawings before getting to his homework. His day is, hopefully, capped off with some fettucini alfredo. Tyler will be attending the University of California – Berkeley. 

Sarah Frieman is the News and Feature Executive Editor and will be attending George Washington University this fall. She likes to start her morning off with a cup of coffee. Everyday she has lunch with her friends, but she said, “on Mondays we get Supreme Burrito.” After school, Sarah likes to hit the gym and workout. She likes to end the day with her favorite food, pasta.

Sabine Gratch usually starts her day off with some oatmeal. Then she goes to school and waits for the highlight of her day, which is when school ends. When she gets home from school, she’ll grab a snack, and maybe grab some sushi for dinner. Sabine will be on the West Coast next year at the University of Redlands.

Ella Kanter is the Public Relations Editor, but also writes in the Feature and In-Depth sections frequently. After taking a pretty long time to decide, she is going to the University of Michigan next year. She usually has avocado toast and coffee in the morning, and if she’s lucky, tacos for dinner. Being a senior leader is the best part of her day. On an average day, she’ll go home after school and eat while watching some Netflix.

Lia Kelly, Photo and Arts Editor, is taking a gap year next year to explore the backcountry of New Zealand and work for the National Park Service. Lia starts off her day by having some of Costco’s world-renowned dinosaur chicken nuggets for breakfast. However, if she’s feeling more normal, she’ll have a frozen Eggo blueberry waffle. One of her favorite parts of her day is seeing her P.E. teacher, Ms. Almaguer. After a hard day of school, Lia makes sure to walk her dog, Po. For dinner, she’ll have some of Homer’s sea salt caramel ice cream and then head to bed.

Rachel Krumholz is one of the three executive editors for The Evanstonian for the Opinion and In-Depth section. Before school she’ll usually just drink some coffee, but there’s a good chance she’ll be eating her favorite dinner tacos later. Rachel’s favorite part of the day is spending 8th period with Ms. Delacruz. On an average day, she’ll eat dinner right when she gets home from school or extra-curricular activities. Rachel is off to George Washington University in Washington D.C. next year with another one of the executive editors, Sarah Frieman. 

Izzy Lobin fuels up every morning with eggs and fruit. Each day, he knows he can look forward to leaving school. After school or practice, he can count on a big snack when he gets home. If he’s lucky, he can also count on some dinosaur barbecue beef ribs from Elwood’s for dinner. Next year, you can find Izzy at Tufts University playing football.

Sophie Monzo is the editor for Entertainment and Layout Editor. In the mornings, she tends to lean towards a cup of coffee for breakfast over anything else. Monzo also has a dog who makes her day. Once she gets home from school, Sophie likes to go for a run. Finally, her favorite dinner food is pasta, but she adds, “nobody in my family knows how to cook.”

Cameron Mulvihill is a staff writer for Arts and Entertainment known for his “Cam-mentary” of school plays. Cam wakes up with a waffle coated in peanut butter, honey and bananas. Cam is lucky enough to have 8th and 9th period off making that his favorite part of the day. As many people do, Cam eats right when he gets home, but his favorite dinner is Supreme Burrito.

Mac Stone, News and Copy Editor, is taking his journalism talents to Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism next year. Mac usually munches on a few Eggo waffles and a bowl of cereal, likely Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Resee’s Puffs, in the morning. After school, he makes himself a snack, some chocolate milk, snacks and watch some Netflix. His favorite dinner is dinosaur chicken nuggets, and the highlight of his day is usually getting in bed after a long, hard day.

Chris Werner, Sports Editor, will be attending The University of Iowa with hopes of becoming a sports journalist. Chris likes to start his day off by slamming down some Honey Nut Cheerios before heading off to school. Chris’ favorite part of the day is his gym class, Competitive Sports. After a long day of school, he refuels with a Cliff Energy Bar, before, hopefully, settling down with an Omaha Steak to cap off the day.

Joe Whitcomb is a staff writer here at The Evanstonian. His mornings are usually quite busy but if he’s lucky, he is able to munch on a donut and sip some coffee. Before heading to first period which, alongside the passing periods, is his favorite part of the day. Once he gets out of school, he only is able to relax for a few minutes before starting his homework. On an ideal day, he will have some baked mac and cheese for dinner. Post- High School, he will be attending New York University and hopes to stay in New York City once he graduates college.