Latinx Summit, April 24, 2019


Student dancers open up the Summit day.

Trinity Collins, Feature Editor

“I think that it’s a place where we can express the things we deal with with one another.”

Vicky Palacios, senior

“This is one of the most important days of the school year for me, because I feel it’s a day where Latinos from several backgrounds at our school are able to come together and talk about our identity and our part in this country. It’s hard to talk to other students and teachers that don’t necessarily understand what it’s like to struggle, to constantly be pushed down, not have the same opportunity’s as others, and having to go through a longer process to make a better future for yourself. The workshops at the summit really help students understand more about people just like them, the struggles and benefits of being part of two cultures, the struggles in life yet the satisfaction one will receive as a successful Latino/a when that goal is reached. Our community is so unique and it varies in several ways, which is why we’re all able to come together this one day and understand our differences, yet learn so much from each other to become better. The Latinx summit has helped several students speak up and feel comfortable with who they are.”

Rachel Patino, senior

“LatinX Summit is important because I feel part of the community and feel proud of being LatinX and learning about the culture, race, language and social customs.”

Angel Tovar, sophomore