Asian & Middle Eastern Student Summit, April 12, 2019


Mia Williams

Sketch of student presenters for one of the breakout sessions.

Trinity Collins, Feature Editor

“I truly appreciate the fact that we have a day at ETHS to celebrate our identities. I’ve been very privileged to be a part of this summit since my freshman year, and it’s sad to think that this summit was my last one as a student. The workshops were very eye opening, and the summit was overall a joyful experience for me personally”

Abrahan Abraham, senior

“The summit provided a space of affirmation that allowed me to connect  with others and also develop new friendships with people who I would not have met otherwise”

Josh Ahn, junior

“My biggest takeaway from the summit was being able to connect with new people from so many different backgrounds in a mutually welcoming place”

Ayda Akgun, senior

“The organizers made everybody feel welcome. I was nervous being bi racial that I wouldn’t be as accepted, but they did a really good job acknowledging every identity”

Eliana Chandra, junior

“My biggest takeaway was learning about different cultures within Asia. Asia is so big and consists of so many ethnicities, cultures, traditions, and identities that we don’t learn about that often in our schooling system. The Asian and Middle Eastern Summit allows us to explore them, learn about them, and celebrate them at the same time.”

Muhammad Ijlal, senior

“My biggest takeaway is that there are so many things going untold in the world and so many people affected by it and we don’t even know. There are also so many other cultures in our school that we don’t notice until we go to the summit. It was amazing overall. ”

Natalie Merza, senior

“It’s nice to be Asian for a day. You don’t have to worry about being someone who doesn’t look or seem Asian. Overall, nice to be around people who share the same experiences as you.”

Josh Peng, senior

“Since I am an exchange student from Japan, I haven’t really been in a space where I am in the minority. But the summit was a place for me to hear new experiences from others here”

Miru Ochu, Japanese exchange student 

“Since we don’t have a large Asian student body at ETHS it’s nice to have an event where we can all connect and talk about our experiences”

Maddie Yang, senior