Students protest for change over summer break

Meredith Herrick, Assistant Features Editor

June 2 Moms Demand Action Evanston

Moms Demand Action Evanston organized a wear orange rally to memorialize those who have died because of gun violence. Wear orange is a national event held on June 2 to call for gun safety in the US. The wear orange event originated from the mistaken killing of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton in 2013. This tragic event caused Project Orange Tree to ask people to wear orange on what would have been Hadiya’s 18th birthday.

June 15 Sabina Rally and Peace March

On June 15, hundreds of Chicago student activists, joined by Parkland students, Evanston students and allies gathered to march against gun violence in Chicago. Big names were in attendance like Chance the Rapper and

The march was the first stop in a national bus tour called the Road to Change Bus Tour. The tour was inspired partly by the tragic events at Stoneman Douglas High School. The main focus was to repurpose resources and change the perspective of elected officials to combat gun violence.

June 30 Families Belong Together

On June 30, students and activists protested the separation of families at the border, calling for the president to take action on the pressing issue. Reports from the Chicago Police Department say there were roughly 50,000 people in attendance, making this march one of the largest in the nation. Mothers with children in detention spoke through interpreters, demanding that children be reunited with their families.

July 7 Shut Down the Dan Ryan

Chicago’s Shut Down the Dan Ryan peace march on July 7 called for improved schools, economic development, national gun legislation, job opportunities and equitable resources for the Chicago communities. At 10 a.m. activists marched onto the expressway, disrupting traffic to get their message across: that change must be made in Chicago and nationwide. The march may have had support from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio argued that the protest had the potential to pull police out of neighborhoods that desperately need police patrols. However, the protest went smoothly.

Aug. 3 Peace in the Forest Preserve

On Aug. 3, the Peace in the Forest Preserve event called for the rejection of racism and celebration of diversity. The family-friendly event was held in the Caldwell Woods with speakers, music, food and drinks. The goal was to not only bring unity in the community but fundraise for Puerto Rico’s hurricane relief.