The Inside Scoop on Luke Thorpe

Billy Krupkin, Sports Editor

Like many immigrants, sophomore Luke Thorpe had his own idea of the “American Dream” before his move to Evanston last year. While many are met with harsh realities that often come as a letdown, Thorpe has experienced just the opposite.

“It’s better to actually be [in the United States] than just hearing people talk about it,” Thorpe says.

Thorpe adds that the realities of America in his experience “surpassed” his prior assumptions and ideas as to what the country would be like. He also has adapted very well to an education system that is much different from what he experienced in his hometown parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

“It’s much easier here,” Thorpe says. “If I was in tenth grade in Jamaica, I would be doing college work, which is hard as hell.”

Thorpe’s biggest challenge has been adjusting to the climate here, which is far less friendly than in Jamaica. He says the recent polar vortex forced him to stay inside for almost an entire week. And while he obviously misses his friends from Westmoreland, Thorpe says that Evanston and ETHS in particular have done “more than enough” to make him feel at home.

“Life here is awesome,” Thorpe says. “You see people you don’t know walking up to you like they do know you; it’s welcoming.”