A new transfer student checks her way onto the state Chess Team


Courtesy of Bella Buitrago

Junior Bella Buitrago takes a break from class and hangs out in the Hub.

Cameron Mulvihill, Enterntainment Editor

Bella Buitrago is a new student to ETHS and already making big strides for the Chess Team.

She learned to play in first grade and didn’t start again until seventh grade. Now as a junior she has dedicated herself to the game.

“I play everytime I’m bored, which is pretty often,” says Buitrago.

The team is very competitive and Buitrago always wants to be the best player on the team. She attributes the other players to having the biggest impact on her as a chess player because they all make each other want to be better players.

When they go down to state in Peoria, there’s many other schools competing and after playing multiple matches everyday they get ranked as a school.

She personally thinks Niles will be their biggest rivals this year in state.

ETHS looks to be a competitor at state this year.

“We’re first in sectionals, but for state it’s a lot harder so at least top twenty,” says Buitrago.

For any team to be successful the team as a whole has to be strong so they can make a run for state this year.

“We need to improve our lower boards because we have some fairly good players… but we just need to improve the lower boards to be a lot better as a team,” says Buitrago.