Veganism increasing in popularity among students

Olu Logan, Feature Writer

Meat is murder.

To make food, an astounding 56 billion animals are killed every year but animal-based diets are killing us humans, slowly but surely.

This statement, along with other threats of the paleo diet is why students are deciding to live a vegan lifestyle. More and more people are choosing to help themselves, other animals and the environment  by making the choice to eat plant-based foods only.

The paleo diet has major environmental disadvantages. According to EarthSave, it takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain and one gallon of gasoline to produce just one pound of beef.  Instead of having to waste a ridiculous amount of our limited natural resources on slaughterhouses, vegans can rest easy knowing that their food was grown efficiently.

Veganism is not only morally responsible but it’s healthier too. Many people are intimidated because they think ¨it’s going to be hard to find vegan food. But it is a lot easier to get vegan food than you think¨, says Dr. Logan a vegan of 21 years.

A lot of people that go vegan are happy with their results. ¨I will never go back to eating meat it has affected me in better ways then I could have imagined,” Logan promises. “I would not change a thing¨.

Going vegan is just one thing you could do for the earth, and its inhabitants, including yourself.

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