Avante Price makes his mark running multi-thousand dollar business

A look inside the mind of a high-school entrepreneur


Caroline Jacobs, Feature Editor

As the school year starts back up, every ETHS student is feeling the pressure of balancing their never-ending homework load and extracurricular activities, but for senior Avante Price, one of those activities includes running a rapidly-growing business that has generated $22,000 in revenue.

Price first had success in the summer of 2016 when he his friend Michael Barrera, another ETHS senior, created a landscaping business called E-Town Yard Work. Their immense success made Price wonder what other opportunities there were to earn money over the summer.

“Last summer, I was in Starbucks thinking about how could I make money and I thought about yard work because it’s the summer. We did that and it obviously worked and at the end of the school year last year I thought, summer’s coming back around and I think that there is more to this,” Price says.

This past May, Price decided to expand his business idea to all sorts of odd jobs, from assembling furniture to walking dogs. After consulting friends to determine a name for the newly-expanded company, he landed on Chorebug. From there, the business just continued to thrive.

People who have a chore they need done can request workers via the Chorebug website. Then, Price sends out the information in a GroupMe message with all of the 40 Chorebug workers to see who can complete the job.

“Chorebug is like an Uber for chores,” says Barrera. “Avante has the information to send to the big group chat full of workers, and a worker can choose to do the chore or just not do the chore. You get to do it on your time.”

People who hire Chorebug pay $24 an hour per worker for the majority of the jobs, and each worker gets paid $15 dollars an hour by the company, in addition to tips they receive from customers. Workers are earning much more than the average teenager with a regular summer job, and the customers are paying much less for Chorebug services than they would for a company that specializes in the specific task they need done.

Price is completely self-taught, with all of business knowledge he has acquired coming from books he reads and inspirations such as Mark Zuckerberg.

And while it may seem like he just got lucky with Chorebug, what most people don’t see is the hard work that goes into the business.

In addition to running Chorebug, Price runs the business club at ETHS, is involved in DECA, wrestles, and co-runs another business with Barrera called Buzzd Marketing which helps market local companies by creating websites and social media promotions.

“Avante’s a really unique guy. He’ll set up his whole day to make sure that he’s not wasting a single second on things that don’t matter. He’s always pushing himself to be the best person he can be,” says Barrera.

Price will wake up at 5:30 in the morning to lift weights, and then spend every extra second of his time working on Chorebug. Last spring while other students were celebrating the end of school and loads of work, Price knew that this was just the beginning of the long hours and hard work that he would have to pour into Chorebug to make it a success.

“What I saw from him really that stands out is his work ethic. Always wanting to do better, always wanting to be stronger, always wanting to work harder,” says Price’s wrestling coach Sal Zepeda.

Since freshman year, Zepeda has seen Price grow into not only a successful businessman and athlete, but also a well-rounded person whose incredible work ethic will take him far in all aspects of his life.

Running Chorebug certainly isn’t easy for Price, but this unique student has proven that he’ll put every ounce of himself into making it as big as possible.