Reviving Radio

ETHS has high hopes to bring back its own radio station

Reviving Radio

Mac Stone, Feature Editor

Live in 3, 2, 1…

The ETHS radio station once existed long ago, but now many want to bring it back by hosting a variety of student run shows and broadcasts.

The idea came alive through shows about sports, music, comedy, and everything else going on at ETHS and the surrounding area. These shows are all ideas created by students and approved by the radio station board. The station is also open to anyone who wants to join.

“We start off by sending the student a framework of the time commitment and a bunch of basic information about the station,” junior and radio station creator Emma Stein says. “After that, there’s a radio show template form where you fill out your ideas, and that gets sent to the board for approval.”

Since all of the airspace in the Chicagoland area is already taken up, the station won’t actually be on the air. Instead, it will take a different approach through online streaming and various forms of media.

“Right now, we’re going to have different shows in different time slots. We also are planning to have an app for the station,” Audiovisual Director William Jenkins explains.

The station also plans to play a variety of music throughout the day, mainly to show the evolution of Evanston music culture.

“I’ve always had a passion for music and sharing music,” Stein explains. “I’ve been hoping for an outlet for unique music, especially from recent ETHS graduates like Kweku Collins and Manwolves,”

While there are plenty of ways for students to get help when they’re struggling with schoolwork, the radio station also hopes to advertise ways to be successful in school.

“I hope to talk about things going on in the school,” Jenkins explains. “Whether they talk about upcoming tests or something like AP Spring Training, our goal is to help and entertain students.”

The new ETHS radio station offers students the ability to create their own shows, and of course, offer their opinions by way of broadcast. Though the radio station is still in its planning phase, it already seems to be a great way for students’ voices heard.

“We want to get as many listeners as possible,” Jenkins says. “I hope that we’ll get to talk about issues going on around the school and help students.”