8 Questions with Sylvi Imrem

8 Questions with Sylvi Imrem

Adrian Wilburn, Feature Editor

Most people view wrestling as a boys only sport, or at least, a boys dominated sport. However, freshman Sylvi Imrem, the only female member of the wrestling team, looks to change this stereotype. Sylvi competes with other members of the team, facing the same competition as the boys.

  1. When did you start wrestling?

This is my first year wrestling. I started at the beginning of the season and have learned a lot since then.


  1. What motivated you to start wrestling?

I was involved in athletic training in the fall, and since I knew I’d play soccer in the spring, I wanted another sport for the winter. Wrestling kind of caught my eye.


  1. Do you think you have a disadvantage competing against boys?

Sometimes there is a mental advantage or disadvantage. At my first, my opponent didn’t want to wrestle me, probably because I was a girl.


  1. How do people that compete against you react?

One guy I beat got really mad when he lost to me. Also, a couple guys I have wrestled more than once always apologize to me after they win, which I doubt they do with the other members of the team.


  1. Does anyone else in your family wrestle?

My brother wrestles for ETHS, but I decided to compete before him. It’s just a coincidence that we are both now on the team.


6.Have you played any other sport outside wrestling?

Yes. My main sport is soccer. I have been playing club all year, and tryouts for the high school season are in a few weeks.


  1. How does wrestling compare to soccer?

It’s different because everything is individual in wrestling. There is no team where, if you make a mistake, other people can help. There is a lot of self-accountability, and the conditioning is a lot harder for that reason.


  1. What is the difference in playing against all guys and playing against all girls?

In general, when guys play sports they are a lot more physically aggressive. In wrestling, specifically, you have to be. In soccer, girls are also aggressive, but since I play goalie, wrestling offers a lot more contact.