8 Questions for Leighah Wool


Adrian Wilburn, Feature Editor

Leighah Wool is a member of the girls basketball team where she has performed on a very high level for four years on the varsity team. She has broken the record for the most points scored as a female basketball player in school history. Leighah has balanced her school work and the sport she loves and is now looking to play basketball on the Division one level.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

A: I have been playing since kindergarten, and being the water girl for my dad’s teams. I started taking it seriously around third grade when I started playing AAU basketball

Q: Who got you into the sport of basketball?

A: My parents did. My dad was the varsity girls basketball coach when I was little. He used to run camps and he always used to bring me with him and I would participate.

Q: Who do you look up to as a basketball player?

A: I looked up to the seniors when I was a freshman, because they were very well rounded. They were good athletes, good students, and always made me feel loved like they were my big sisters

Q: What motivates you to keep playing basketball?

A: Probably my friends because I grew up with a good group of girls, and we all played basketball together, and they encouraged me to keep going because it was fun.

Q: What has basketball done for you as a person?

A: It has taught me how to talk to people and make connections. It has also taught me how to be a good leader.

Q: How do you balance basketball and the other school work that you have to do?

A: It is pretty challenging because I am in AP classes, and I like to consider myself a good student. It’s a huge time commitment, sometimes you have to miss out on having fun with other people because you have homework or a paper to type.

Q: Have you played any other sports?

A: I used to play volleyball which I regret stopping because it was really fun, and it was a good relief from basketball so I didn’t get burned out.

Q: What makes basketball enjoyable to you?

A: Basketball is enjoyable because when I go on the court it’s a good stress reliever for me, and I don’t have to think about the test I might have failed or any homework that might be due tomorrow.

UPDATE: Last Wednesday, November 16th, Wool committed to Western Michigan University to play basketball.