ETHS offers paid jobs for students

ETHS offers paid jobs for students

Adrian Wilburn, Feature Editor

Many students think finding a job is a long and tedious process. However, thanks to places like the technology department and the daycare, finding a job can be as easy as taking a few steps through the halls of ETHS.

While you have to be 16 to get paid for these jobs, students can gain important life lessons that will help them throughout life after high school.

I learned how to communicate with people around me, about missing days, being sick, how to handle an every day job where people rely on you,” explains senior, Emma Stein who has volunteered in the daycare since freshman year and had a paid position for about a year and a half.

Many of the positions require students to take a prerequisite class: for the chromezone it’s Info Tech Intern and for the daycare it’s Child Development. While it may be a chore to fit another class into your schedule, once you have the job you’re able to earn extra cash during your free periods.

“Working at the daycare is easier access that other jobs because you can work throughout the school day and make money while just being a student,” Stein explains.

Another job many students apply for is in the student Information and Technology Dept. during the summer. Applications to apply are available in the chromezone around May where you can sign up through an open application process.

              A student working in student IT will work during the summer generally from 8am to 5pm and complete various jobs such as device repairs, cart inventory, and preparing chromebooks for freshman. Students will work in the chromezone but will also work in other places around the school.

              “Working in the chromezone has taught me how to take direction from a boss and work with costumers to fulfill their needs,” Quinn Farragher says.

According to Lisa Neil from the human resources department says working in student IT can gain you a paycheck at around $7.75 an hour which raises to $8.25 an hour if you are 18 or older. This can also give you an idea of what it’s like to have a job and will push you to be more responsible.