Christopher Dammers

Christopher Dammers

After teaching for two decades, Christopher Dammers will retire leaving a positive influence on the many students she has guided throughout their high school journeys.

“I’ve had students that were freshman and had them again when they were seniors,” Dammers explains. “To see how they matured over those years and what they’ve accomplished is just wonderful.”

Dammers taught many classes over the years, including Personal Finance, Health and Human Services, Contemporary Adult Life, Horticulture, Child Studies, and Health Science Rotation.

She will miss the diversity of ETHS along with the many clubs she sponsored such as the Family Career and Consumer Leaders of America Club, Disability Awareness Club and even a Hacky Sack Club.

“What I will miss the most about ETHS is the relationship that I was able to build with students,” Dammers says.