Salad vending machine promotes health


Choose the healthier option.

With the new salad vending machine in Bacon Café, students can get a nutritious meal while getting their homework done.

“That’s our hope, to drive people to the Bacon Study Café, where you can get a healthy lunch and get some studying done,” explains Assistant Director of Nutrition Services, Emily Conti.

According to Conti, the machine itself comes from Farmer’s Fridge, a company that makes their products fresh everyday to put inside their vending machines. They try to get all local ingredients and encourage recycling by placing a opening in the machine for students to drop their used jars into.

“I think it is a really great that we have something that’s really healthy and fresh,” says Teagan Huenke, freshman.

According to The New York Times, teens should eat nutrient rich food and try to use fresh products whenever possible to fuel both their mental and physical growth.

However, not everyone may be interested in the salads because of the expensive price, and the fact that it only takes credit cards.

“It only takes credit cards, so it makes it hard for for the people who don’t have credit cards and have to depend on cash to pay for things,” explains Huenke.

Farmer’s Fridge is working on a way to change that. New technology emerges every day, and there are already vending machines that have been invented to take cash as a way of payment. Conti explains that the Nutrition Services Dept. is also hoping to incorporate ID cards as a way of paying.

“They are working on a way to do a loyalty card in the future. So we’re hoping that maybe when they do that technology they can incorporate IDs,” says Conti.

While the cost may be high, the trip to to the Bacon Café is worth it. You’re able to get something fresh and enjoyable while still getting all the nutrients you need.