YouTube can help self-confidence

Many high school students may be lacking in self-confidence however, here at ETHS students in YouTube are helping that issue.
“YouTube has been a building trend,” explains Content Marketing Manager Melinda Benoit. “For the past year and a half it has been very popular.
“YouTube has really helped with my confidence, says sophomore Tom Sevick. “It has taught me how to perform and entertain people.” Sevcik has posted YouTube videos when he was younger for about a year and has around 1,800 subscribers. He would build Legos and then publish his creations on YouTube.
It is also helpful for teens who wish to be entertainers. “I like comedy and YouTube is the easiest outlet for me,” says sophomore Sam Bailey. Bailey posts videos every one to two weeks and has around 840 subscribers.
Not only can YouTube helped students find their sense of confidence, it can push them to be a better person.
“I have met some of the most positive and Influential people through YouTube,” says freshman Erin Ikeuchi. “That is exactly why I continue to make videos.”
According to Content Marketing Manager Melinda Benoit, YouTube is the new Hollywood for younger audience because it is more accessible. YouTube was founded in 2005 and has been successful ever since. It has over a billion users and is launched in over 70 countries.
Hopefully the next time your confidence is low