Social media gives musicians new outlet

Turn up your speakers.
With programs like Soundcloud and Youtube, students with a passion for music can have the same quality as the biggest stars with a click of a button.
Being a high school musician can be difficult to juggle. Between schoolwork, family, and other obligations, it’s tough for students to find time to work on their music. Technology and social media platforms are essential for success.
“People don’t need a label to produce music. It depends on your drive, talent, and how savvy you are on social media. That’s how you can get your music out there,” says Steven Tillis, professional drummer and music producer. “You don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself. It’s an interesting time with an even playing field for all musicians.”
With today’s advanced tech, singers, musicians, bands, and lovers of music can produce and share what they enjoy and create. There are many programs that help support musicians at ETHS, including the Singer and Songwriter club, an open community where individuals can share their voice.
“I share my songs by posting them on music sharing websites like YouTube, Soundcloud and sometimes DatPiff. Then, I spread the word through many other forms of social media,” says Berto Ansani, senior. “Now, I’m working on booking performances.”
Not all students are producing music to share with the world. For some, it is just a creative outlet.
“Listening, singing, and performing music is my sanctuary from the noise of my crazy life. It’s me being who I am and doing what I do best,” says Lydia Kenyon, senior, a member of Evolution Music, a hip-hop and electronic group. “Sharing these kinds of moments with others makes it even better,” she explains.
Even as up-and-coming artists, Evolution Music managed to land multiple gigs, spanning from the Olympic Theatre to DJ spots at private parties. Still, Evolution Music isn’t only concerned with booking gigs.
“Music isn’t a job. It’s not my goal to become the new Kanye West. Music is a talent. It’s a passion held by myself and by the rest of the group,” says Pharaoh Sherod, senior and member of Evolution Music. “We don’t want to be famous, we’re just having fun. Music is like sports, and composers are like players. Yes it can be competitive, but it’s equally as entertaining for the players as it is to the fans.”
Music is a passion and a factor in everyone’s lives. No matter the age, no matter the genre, music can be created and enjoyed by all.