Eight Questions for Dominic Daniels

We all see the skateboarders around Evanston, always perfecting their skills and trying the newest tricks. Freshman Dominic Daniels takes it to the next level when he trades in a skateboard and pavement for a snowboard and snow. Since he started snowboarding at the age of ten, Dominic has lived for the winter sport.

1. How did you get into snowboarding?

I would go sledding and would sled standing sideways, then that turned into skateboarding. My family went on a ski trip to Wisconsin and I wasn’t sure about skiing, so I tried a snowboard lesson with my dad and it was really easy for me so it stuck.

2. Where do you snowboard, since you live in Evanston?

I am a junior instructor at Snowflake Ski Club in Highland Park, which gives me free trips in exchange for helping to teach other snow sport enthusiasts. I also ride around Evanston and I go to High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Oregon in the summer.

3. What other snowboarding projects are you involved in?

I’m working on filming an edit for Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate this winter. I also have a group of friends that I film with all over the country like, Raging Buffalo, Alpine Valley, Northstar, Mt. Hood, and Wilmo. We call ourselves Levels Snow Crew.

4. What competitions have you participated in?

I haven’t been in any competitions other than just games of S.N.O.W. with my friends. I watched the Bode Merril Mini Pipe Invitational this summer at camp though.

5. What’s your favorite thing about snowboarding?

I live and breathe snowboarding. I love everything about it. The culture, the technicality of the tricks, the whole feeling of riding is great.

6. How do you juggle practice and school?

I ride after I finish my homework. I go with the ski club on the weekends and I just do some tricks on urban rails and other things I can find around town on weekdays.

7. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I’ve met the whole CAPiTA team, they’re a huge inspiration to me, but the biggest influence is Joe Sexton. He’s into the same kind of riding as I am at the moment.

8. What other things sports sides snowboarding?

I like playing quidditch at school. Also, I’m into parkour, which is running through the urban environment (such as buildings) while flowing from trick to trick like flips and vaults.