Chromebooks are also for fixin’


A student does repairs on a Chromebook.

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“The ChromeZone improves soft skills, like communication and people skills, but also improves tech and repair skills,” explains David Chan, Director of Instructional Technology. “No tech experience is needed.”

The ChromeZone is a student operated facility that issues out Chromebooks and fixes them for students, with about 40-50 students working there. Students are able to work at the ChromeZone during free periods and before or after school.

All students go through training prior to working at the ChromeZone. A manual explains many common tasks such as how to ship a Chromebook to warranty, or how to issue out a loaner device, or even how to fix a broken screen. Eventually, with help and guidance, students will learn to properly master these tasks on their own.

“We can teach anyone how to fix a broken screen and they can do it in 10 minutes or less,” Chan states.

“Learning how to repair screens on laptops is something you could use after high school,” points out ChromeZone worker, Joshua Lunn, junior.

Chan, along with Technology Integration Specialist, Jeffery Barlow, both help supervise and guide these students.

“There’s availability for these skills right out of high school,” Barlow says.

“Even though we are focusing on the Chromebooks, the ChromeZone is a great example of how it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people,” Chan adds.