5 Questions for Dylan Mulvihill


Dylan Mulvihill recently committed to play baseball at the University of Pennsylvania, and is ready to take the Ivy League by storm. He suffered a setback last season by straining his UCL, but is fully recovered and ready to take his talents to the next level. The Wildkits look to continue their winning ways with Mulvihill back on the mound for his senior year.

  1. When did you start the recruitment process?

It started the summer going into my junior year when I first started getting e-mails from colleges.

  1. How did you get connected with Penn?

Last fall they saw my video and profile on Prep Baseball Report and then they sent me an e-mail asking me to give them a call, and I started building a relationship with them from there.

  1. What will you focus on this year to prepare for

college baseball?

I will be working on my mechanics throughout the fall and winter while also keeping my body in shape. A main aspect I’m focusing on is being able to stay strong throughout a full game and maintain velocity even when my pitch count gets high.

  1. You got injured last year, is it still a concern for you?

Last year was very disappointing when I strained my UCL, and it came about for a few reasons. My arm was lagging behind my body which put a lot of stress on my elbow and I tried to come back from basketball season way too fast when my body wasn’t ready. As of now it isn’t really a concern for me. When it happened it was more of a wake up call that I needed to fix my mechanics.

  1. What are you looking forward to most about going to Penn?

I am very excited to be living in Philadelphia and helping my team to win an Ivy League championship.