5 Questions for Camille Allen

5 Questions for Camille Allen

While most students are preparing for a regular school workload, senior Camille Allen is also taking on the responsibility of speaking for all of the ETHS students as the Student Representative to District 202.

  1. What are some goals you’ve made that you would like to speak to the board about?

We talk a lot in Evanston about diversity. But yet one look at our neighborhoods, our hallways and our classrooms tell you that disparities in success based on race are very real. My main goal is fixing this.

  1. How does your input transfer into board decisions?

I do not have an official vote. My role is to be a vehicle for student opinion and a driving force for student action.

  1. What changes will you push as Student Rep?

I’d like to push for student discounts and greater access to social media.But my biggest goal is equity work. I’m 100% in support of our current earned honors system. It has made ETHS a national model for equity.  

4.What kind of work are you in charge of and what kind of time commitment does this work include?

Before each meeting, an agenda packet is published online which I read up on. At each meeting around 9 p.m. I have 5 minutes to speak before the board. Then I have weekly meetings with Student Senate. At the end of that meeting I’ve identified at least one thing that students want and it’s my job to find out how I can get it for them.

  1. How will you make sure you are speaking for all students?

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s impossible to talk to every student. That said, I’m a great listener. Come up to me in the hallway, send me an e-mail, or even better, check out a Board of Education meeting! This is our school, our home, our future. Who wouldn’t want it to be even better?