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Battle-scarred benefits

Battle-scarred benefits

Ethan Harvey , Opinion Editor February 24, 2017

Respect the vet. Our nation’s heroes should have priority in the workforce because they currently do not receive the benefits they deserve.             Currently, vets receive certain...

The Right To Burn

The Right To Burn

Carrington York , Opinion Editor February 24, 2017

Playing with fire. Burning the American flag is a not a crime and it is not rational to judge those who do. On January 19, protesters armed with lighters and U.S. flags gathered in disapproval of...

The cheating epidemic: It’s time for a mindset shift

The cheating epidemic: It’s time for a mindset shift

Matthew Barbato, Opinion Editor February 24, 2017

While people preach academic integrity at high schools everywhere, the reality is that most students feel pressure to cheat, and our current policy focuses too much on punishing dishonesty rather than...

Success should be based on talent, not privilege

Michael Colton, Entertainment Columnist February 7, 2017

Started from the bottom? Hollywood loves an underdog story. So does the public. But what we consumers fail to realize is, that, as much as we may want it to be the case, very few of our pop culture...

We don’t want Pomkits… all the time

Harrison Witt, Sports Columnist February 7, 2017

Pomkits are a great ETHS tradition, but at a certain point it is time to give other people a chance to perform at these high profile halftimes as well. Don’t get me wrong, the Pomkits are a very talented...

New presidency threatens Obamacare

Carrington York, Opinion Editor February 6, 2017

Don’t you dare! Among the many policies and programs Trump has already dismantled, Obamacare must stay. It is crucial to the wellbeing of millions of Americans. The name Obamacare, formally known...

Teachers should collaborate in order to create fairness among students

Ethan Harvey, Opinion Editor December 16, 2016

While it is occasionally acceptable for classes of the same courses to learn material at different times, teachers should strive to equalize the classroom by introducing material at the same time. This...

Finsta creates an outlet for cyberbullying

Matthew Barbato, Opinion Editor December 16, 2016

While Finsta may seem entertaining and positive, too often it has strayed from its original intention and become a form of cyberbullying, and cannot be used as a way to deal with conflict. A Finsta,...

Facebook discussion forums damage unity in groups

Carrington York, Opinion Editor December 16, 2016

Let’s talk. Private discussion groups on Facebook subdue the voices that matter. Like any social faction, online discussion groups hold a pressure to fit in and say the right thing. With the...

Microaggressions make impacts

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist December 16, 2016

Know the meaning of your words. Some things you say may seem neutral to you but these things are, in fact, hurtful and feed negative stereotypes. Microaggressions often seem like they would be a...

Middle School students should have the opportunity to shadow freshmen

Sofia Sant'Anna-Skites, Opinion Writer December 16, 2016

Although Shadow Day was cancelled several years ago, administration should bring it back for prospective freshmen to gain beneficial experience. Shadow Day would provide an excellent opportunity for...

Having fun makes a team successful

Harrison Witt, Sports Columnist November 22, 2016

You have heard the typical saying: the most important rule is to have fun!  While this statement may seem cliche, it holds more truth than you think, especially for coaches. The idea of having fun...

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