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The Evanstonian | Vol. 104, Issue 7

March 22, 2021

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Art by Lila Portis

Hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans: The past, present and future

Sophie Yang, Staff Writer March 22, 2021
A recent wave of hate crimes has plagued the Asian and Asian-American community, spurred on by damaging rhetoric around COVID-19.
Art by Kupu Sumi

One March later

Foster Ellen, Ahania Soni, Staff Writers March 22, 2021

Like so many, I remember the last time we were physically in school like it was yesterday, yet the time between then and now feels like years. The hallways bustled with anxious confusion, but not enough...

Opinion | Words aren’t enough praise for essential workers

Antonia Languilla, Staff Writer March 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a grim reminder of how important essential workers are. Many have resorted to calling them heroes—someone who is highly admired or has outstanding bravery. These heroes...

What gender means to me

Nora Miller and Eden Drajpuch March 22, 2021
This story describes how the complexities and nuances of gender have shown up in some of the members of the Evanston and ETHS communities.

Opinion | Social pressure to take AP classes harms prospective students

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor March 22, 2021

During my final course selection process at ETHS, I found myself very conflicted over AP (Advanced Placement) classes for the upcoming 2022 school year and the implications of taking or not taking a certain...

Courtesy of Damperpedal via Creative Commons

Opinion | Local politics has greater impact on our lives than national politics

Maddie Coyle, Opinion Editor March 22, 2021

Politics have become a must-see event and the epicenter of many people’s thoughts and conversations. The showman qualities of our former president and elected officials, along with the increase of party...

Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan, Explained

Gabi Karlan, Staff Writer March 22, 2021
CARP expounds specific goals, presents the appropriate methodology and describes the necessary guidelines for supporting Evanston’s transition into becoming a sustainable and climate-ready city. 

Amid COVID-19, badminton builds community, skills

Eden Drajpuch, Features Editor March 22, 2021

Without a definite state competition in sight due to COVID-19, ETHS’ badminton team has had to ground themselves in the matches they are able to have and set their sights further into the future. Most...

In virtual meets, boys swimming and diving speeds past competition

Jared Tucker, Staff writer March 22, 2021

As the coronavirus continues to ravage through the area, the boys swimming and dive team is trying to have fun and race while still managing to be safe and win competitions. As the season has gone on,...

Act of anti-Asian terrorism in Atlanta another example of white supremacy

March 22, 2021
In line with the values of our February issue, the Evanstonian views the act of terrorism in Atlanta as yet another example of the pervasiveness of white supremacy in our country.
Art by Saskia Teterycz

Opinion | ETHS students should be able to vote on the Friday song

Christopher Vye and Kayla Drajpuch March 22, 2021

Students streamed in through the crowded doorway. “It’s Friday!” I found myself wondering why Fridays were so special. It seemed like everybody else was thinking the same thing. No one...

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