Outer Banks season 3 meets high expectations

Paradise on earth, or nuisance on Netflix? Popular, adventure-themed show Outer Banks just launched its third season in March and did so with high expectations.

Seasons one and two were widely loved, featuring excitement and fast-paced expeditions. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are not fictitious and are the main setting for season one. The first season thrived with the introduction of “The Pogues,” John B. (Chase Stokes), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Kiara (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow), who are a group of friends that value honesty and sticking together. Along the way, Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), as well as Cleo (Carlacia Grant) are picked up as Pogues. Season two continues to keep heart rates high, as family tensions take over the screen. 

The latest season, season three, starts on the island of Pouguelandia, a deserted island where the crew settles into a new life of survival. Although there was a large possibility for success, the quality of the season was not up to par. 

To begin, “Big John” (Charles Halford) was discovered to be alive, after thought to be dead. This defeats the purpose of the entire show, which was based on his death, as he is the father of John B. Finding him to be alive also made his actual death in the third season much less meaningful, as viewers were already used to his lack of presence on the screen. Later in the season, when Singh, a villain, is brought into the show, his relevance is questioned. He has no relation to the original plot, making it hard for viewers to sympathize with what happens to both him and John B’s father. 

Despite these unfortunate happenings, there were some enthralling moments in the season. When Kiara is sent to a wilderness camp by her parents for her rebellious behavior, the passionate unity between her and JJ at the end of episode nine is heart-warming to see. The hope for many is that this relationship continues into season four. Other captivating moments included the scene when Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father and Big John died. The emotional moment when Ward saved the life of his daughter by giving his own defined the value of relationships in the plot. 

While this may be considered a worthwhile watch, many say it just veered too far from the original plot of searching for lost gold. This season’s many fantastical elements made viewers question how realistic the show was, as many use it as an escape, especially in the cold of the winter. Season one dove into the great search for the Royal Merchant, while season three includes magical elements like glowing tikis with magical healing properties. This is very hard to follow for many streamers, most not knowing where the more real aspects of the show went and why they were replaced with such extreme fantasies. Many agree that this made it hard to catch a breath while watching the show due to too much going on at once. 

Viewers are divided on whether the show took a turn for the worse when Madelyn Cline (Sarah) and Chake Stokes (John B) broke up in real life. Some think the characters’ relationship in the show felt less authentic, while others think they worked around their relationships outside of the show to create something professional and fun to watch. 

For a show with so many expectations, it is hard to hit the mark on every one, but Outer Banks comes pretty close. Many think they will see a greater adventure with more mystery as well as a greater reward for the Pogues. 

Season three is still a worthwhile watch, as the show is currently ranked second on Netflix. Outer Banks still provides that adrenaline to viewers, with a new adventure always taking place on the screen. So, for many, the show still provides a slice of “paradise on earth.”