The less flavor the better

Jared Tucker, Staff Writer

As the calendar begins to turn to a new year and I approach my 18th birthday, my taste buds have still never experienced the taste of sushi, the fizz of a Dr. Pepper or the tanginess of dijon mustard. For my entire life, I’ve never liked spicy foods, some sour candies, mints, fizzy soda, ketchup, mustard, any kind of salad and most types of fish. All in all, it’s made my meal orders more simple. Instead of complicating my burger order, it’s “just cheese.” Instead of a pepperoni, mushroom and pineapple pizza, it’s again, “just cheese.” 

I believe there is a mix of an unwillingness to try new foods and a lack of exposure to different flavors that has caused my child-like eating habits but I’m still of the opinion that in many cases, the less flavor the better. Hot dogs are better plain, tacos are better without salsa and pizza is better without pepperoni.

For years people have interrogated me on what I have a taste for and what I loathe, and for as long as I can remember the answer has stayed the same. I like dairy and meat, with other random things in food groups here and there but most foods I’m asked about I dislike. Takis? I won’t go near them. Pepsi? Hard pass. Lettuce? Absolutely not. Peppers? Are you insane? I’ve had classes spend over an hour and tennis teams ask away for entire bus rides to Vernon Hills about food. The incredibly tiny assortment of what I eat always intrigued and amazed my classmates and teammates. 

For my parents, my picky eating has either meant cooking two different dishes for dinner or making a small variety of supper foods, mostly involving red meat. While it makes things more difficult, it’s not a ridiculous burden. However, I don’t wish to remain like this. With college in the near future, I will likely be forced to adapt to what’s available and develop my palate into something much more respectable. 

Maybe one day I’ll try boba, sushi, or something even more adventurous. One day I might add more things than just cheese to a burger or pizza, or try a sandwich with more than three things on it. But still, as things currently stand, I believe in the fact that the less flavor the better.