YAMOLAND cast and crew form new bonds and carry on old traditions

Ali Cutter and Amy Grill

Prep for YAMO began as early as Spring of last school year.  Persevering through 2 hour weekday rehearsals and 4 hour Saturdays, it’s clear that the YAMO cast worked hard to make this year’s show better than ever!  

“This year, the cast has contributed more ideas, which has made the show super fun to be a part of,” comments Senior Frances Eccleston.  

Though it’s her first time as a YAMO cast member Sabine Uwazie (acting) can already feel the amazing YAMO community. She says, “It’s not like this rigid place. You have freedom to be creative.” 

YAMOLAND, completely student run and written, had a total of 27 acts of singing, dancing and acting–each were equally impressive. ETHS staples like Dr Witherspoon and the tortoises were included in this year’s script.  

Of course, YAMO isn’t complete without its usual raunchy nature. What’s not to love about STDs to the tune of Disney songs?  

We didn’t have to wear masks during the performances and we were able to be extra funny on stage because of it,” says sophomore Nat Sotnick (acting). With the absence of masks, a single look from an actor had the audience roaring.

In between traditional ‘acting’ and singing, were the amazing dance performances.  Everyone paid attention as the dancers took the stage with dances to Bad Girls and Gimme More.  With a smaller company than previous years, it allowed the dancers to truly captivate the audience.  

“I can’t deny my excitement to see our dancers on stage and perform with them one last time,” says Senior Eleanor Hutchinson (dance company/director).

Through this all, they have formed close friendships and bonds with their cast members through annual traditions like Yamo Olympics and PRAMO (students ask each other to Pramo, have a company dinner, and a group party!).

“It’s a lot of team bonding,” Junior Kate Johnson (dance company) explains. “It’s a lot of creating friendships and relationships with your team.” She describes the time and effort put into creating the show. While rehearsals were sometimes long and extensive, there was no shortage of fun and excitement between the YAMO team. 

Throughout the months put into making YAMO the best it can be, performers have been able to open up and enjoy themselves.  This enthusiasm has translated to the stage for the audience to reap the benefits. 

Junior, Sydney Chow (acting) has experienced this over the years as both an audience member and actor: “People should come see YAMO because it’s generally a great time. The energy on stage translates to the crowd and it has always been a blast for me to see it in past years, and it’s even more fun to perform.”