Kadiri’s Kitchen: Burrito edition

Jordin Kadiri, Staff Writer

There’s truly nothing better than eating the classic combo of tacos with rice and beans. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Living in Evanston, there are many Mexican restaurants that will fulfill your appetite with their array of selections on their menu. 

When thinking about what makes a good taco dinner, three things come to mind: a good balance of flavors, a warm tortilla, and finishing the meal with a bloated stomach. Accompanying the dinner with chips, salsa, and a horchata makes the meal even more worthwhile. 

For the first review of the school year, I went to two well renowned Mexican restaurants in Evanston: Supreme Burrito and La Principal. Despite my opinions going in on both restaurants, I went into the tasting with a fresh, objective approach.


Supreme Burrito-4.8/5

Throughout my time in Evanston, I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been to Supreme. It is almost like a second home for me. I have been there so many times, the cashier knows my name… For this review, I ordered a classic taco dinner with rice and beans. The meal was exactly what I expected: perfection. The total came out to about $8 and you truly get what you pay for, if not more. I enjoyed every last bite of my meal and left the restaurant full, yet already craving those tacos again. Anyone who can should take a trip to Supreme Burrito if they want a little extra happiness in their life!


La Principal-4/5

This street-taco styled restaurant has been a staple in Evanston for a while now. My previous dining experiences in this more-than-fine establishment have been filled with constant satisfaction. This time around, I ordered two carne tacos with a side of rice and beans. The total came out to around $14, which was very different from that of Supreme. Although you get less for more, the food doesn’t fail to make your mouth water! The meal filled me with instant joy, but I was hungry for more. I will say I did, however, like La Principal’s rice and beans better than that of Supreme. Overall, I was happy with my experience and would recommend it to all in the area!


Getting the chance to review both of these restaurants was an honor and allowed me to realize what I qualify as a good taco. La Principal provided me with flavors I’ll never forget. However, Supreme did what it needed to for my hunger: SATISFIED IT! This is what, truly, gave it the win over La Principal.

I appreciate both local eateries for serving me and displaying why they are both so prevalent in ETOWN!