Fabulous fashions for this fall

Charlotte Murray and Lila Portis

Fall fashion is known for being comfy and cozy: perfect for staying warm as temperatures start dropping. This year’s fall trends are no different; cozy clothing stays superior. However, just because an item is soft and fluffy doesn’t mean it can’t be intentional and stylish. At ETHS, students already enjoy fall classics like Uggs, Doc Martens and sweaters, but we also suggest incorporating other, less common, pieces like pleated skirts, turtlenecks, and cardigans. 


Doc Martens: These shoes are made to crush the competition. Or your bank account. They are hella expensive! You’ve been warned. Beauty hurts your wallet, not your feet, as these are also super comfy once they’re broken in. Try thrifting if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to go through the trouble of breaking in a new pair. Whether you want the 1460 classic boot or a pair of Mary Janes, they unapologetically scream fall. They can also be as unique as you want them to be. Go for a sky high platform, or maybe a floral print. Pair them with a smart pressed pant or any type of skirt or dress—we recommend pleated—for a really striking juxtaposition.

Uggs: Definitely the boot of the 21st century. First made popular in the aughts by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Uggs are large, fluffy and comfortable (sensing a pattern here?). Uggs are not the most conventional boots for winter weather, as nobody likes wet feet, but they are nice in autumn for stepping through leaves. These days Uggs are usually worn in the traditional boot style, low length, or slipper form—which is extremely popular at the moment. Colors range from brown to pink to blue—in fact, we look forward to any other colors the company releases this fall! They’ll be lining ETHS hallways in no time.


Turtlenecks: Truly a classic, these have been worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and still manage to look sophisticated on us regular folk. While not many turtlenecks are donned at school, this is your PSA to start wearing them. Try a sleeveless turtleneck for these transition weeks, but when it gets colder, the iconic Steve Jobs turtlenecks always looks good. Whether worn alone or layered underneath something, they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and should be a staple in everyone’s closet.

 Cardigans: Also a fall favorite, but possibly more so recently thanks to Taylor Swift’s lyrically-brilliant song released in 2020 (Folklore). Cardigans these days come in many styles just like the other clothing items listed, but the most popular is definitely a knitted sweater with long sleeves and buttons. Cardigans can be layered on top of dresses, dress-shirts, tank tops and other items (like turtlenecks!). They can also be draped over your shoulders for a preppy look or tied around the waist. Cardigans are wonderfully cozy, and ETHS students seemingly always love them.


Jeans: Jeans have always been symbolic of teenhood. They’re the pants that were originally designed for miners and laborers, but became largely popularized by teen heartthrobs Marlo Brando and James Dean in their 1950’s films Gone with the Wind and Rebel Without a Cause. Today, ETHS students enjoy high-waisted, mom, ripped and skinny jeans. The “best” style has changed frequently over the decades, but can we finally agree that low-waisted jeans aren’t supreme anymore…? And let’s not forget about jean jackets, especially the fleece lined ones; absolutely perfect for cooler months. But no matter how they’re worn or styled, there’s no denying that the garment remains at the top. Bored with your basic jeans (jacket or pants) this fall? Try spicing them up this season by adding decals, painting them, or dying them with bleach!

Flannels: These have also been a fall favorite for ages. The material is usually soft-woven, made of wool or cotton, and decorated with a gingham/checkerboard pattern. This season, popular flannel colors include red and black, black and white, and green and black. These days, ETHS students wear jackets, sweatshirts and (the fan-favorite) pajama pants made or decorated with these classic patterns. There’s no doubt that flannels, with their comforting colors and cozy feel, are perfect for fall.

Corduroy: Did anyone else’s parents dress them in corduroy pants as a kid, and now they love them but can’t be sure if it’s just because they were conditioned to or because they actually like corduroy? Just me? Great! In all seriousness, corduroy is great. Whether as pants, dresses, or jackets the material is a fall staple. With its earthy tones, and soft structured texture, it’s unique and supremely fall!