Fabulous fashions for this school year

Croc Comeback – When VSCO girls died, so did this shoe, but who knew Crocs were back in style!? They may not be the most stylish, but you can’t deny they’re definitely super comfy. Students in all grades are seen in a rainbow of Crocs, and the memorable Jibbitz still accessorize a good number of Crocs, showcasing the wearer’s unique qualities and obsessions.  

Converse – Coming in different colors, you can wear them with any outfit. Cute, fun and completely classic, Converse is obviously here to stay. While the company is known for its classic Chuck Taylor shoe, all different styles are popping up nowadays: platforms, slip-ons—you name it, someone’s wearing it. A great choice of footwear for the school year that ages well and arguably looks better worn.

Friendship Bracelet/Beaded Bracelets – The ultimate proof that you have at least one friend (unless you made it for yourself, in which case, no judgment), friendship bracelets of all styles can be seen on wrists around the school. Whether beaded or woven, all genders are rocking them in stacks or singles. This summer fashion trend is definitely bleeding into the school year, so if you have some string and some free time, take a shot at making one for a friend (or for yourself, again, no judgment).

Summery White Pants  White summery pants made their appearance on the first day of school, with many wearing flares or a straight leg. But like all pants, they come in all different styles. They’re a great way to add a dressier element to any outfit making for a very cute, much classier first day than previous years. A simple way to dress up any shirt you pair it with. The only issue, like with all white clothing, they can be easily stained, so be careful! 

Claw Clips – Claw. Hair. Clips. Yep, definitely last year’s big accessory, and they continue to live on during this school year. Claw hair clips still adorn bags, and are instrumental in creating fun updos. They’re a cute but practical way to get your hair out of your face or off your neck. If you have hair long enough to clip up and don’t own one, they’re a simple and cheap way to spruce up your hairstyles.