Q&A on local filming of new show ‘The Bear’

If you were walking through Northwest Evanston on March 7, you might have noticed the blue flyers taped up throughout the neighborhood, the large white vans driving around the streets or the signs with directions to the “set” or the “crew lunch.” That is because an upcoming TV show called “The Bear” was filmed in Evanston that day. “The Bear” is reportedly a half-hour comedy series for FX about a chef who comes back to his hometown of Chicago to take over his family’s restaurant. It stars Jeremy Allen White, who some might recognize from the show Shameless and also includes Ebon Moss-Bacharach, Ayo Edibiri and Abby Elliot. 

The filming took place at a house near the corner of Lincoln Street and Harrison Street, which is where ETHS freshman Charles Bird lives, so I asked Charles some questions about the experience.

What was it like having a TV show filmed at your house?

Charles: It’s really weird and cool at the same time. Weird being you just have all this equipment and people in your house. Cool being you get to see your house on TV and can recognize it.

For how long did you have to move out of your house?

Charles: We left the house for the day so we would not get in the way of filming. But later that night when they were done we came back and slept at our house.

What did they change on the inside of your house while shooting?

Charles: They changed the whole kitchen, repainted the walls and replaced our family pictures with the actors. Also, they changed the stuff in our kitchen like they put flowers, plates and cookbooks in our kitchen. They also put cardboard all over the floors and walls to protect them from mud and the equipment.

Did they film on the outside of your house?

Charles: From what I was told they were going to have an outside shot but they canceled it due to the snow.